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Our Chocolate-Covered Legacy

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MALTESERS. The Lighter Way to Enjoy Chocolate

What could be better than crisp malt centres paired with delicious milk chocolate? Don’t ponder too long - you might miss your mate stealing the last one.

Maltesers advertisement from 1930s showing a figure made from Maltesers pointing to a pack of Maltesers and cups of coffee


Created by Forrest Mars Sr. in 1936, and first sold in 1937, MALTESERS were originally sold in a box—and were first marketed as ‘energy balls.’


In 1954, MALTESERS published advertisements premiering the brand’s latest tagline: “More to Munch.” 


In 1988, the Mars factory in Ballarat makes the first Australian MALTESERS.


Maltesers launches TV commercial where two pregnant woman are giggling as their bubs are kicking
Maltesers off their bellies.


Mars invests over $50 million into our chocolate factory in Ballarat, including a new MALTESERS production facility.


Fan favourite MALTESERS TV commercial goes live.



This year, MALTESERS is working with Mama Tribe to support new and expectant mums through the ups and downs of motherhood. Together, we're shining a light on the importance of having that friend, partner, or group of other mums who can help us manage the unmanageable and see the lighter side of life.

Supporting Mums’ Mental Health

We’ve partnered with Mama Tribe to support mums and their mental health.

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